Our Rating: 2/5 - Amateur Match Sex Dating

If you are tired of discreet relationships and dating, there is still a place for you to enjoy casual sex and to get wild with your fantasies.  At, you will have the ability of opening up the door to explore new people and possibilities so that you can enjoy new playmates.  You can use this adult dating site in order to find others who are looking for fun without the strings attached.

Exploring Your Options

After you sign up for the site, you will move into an area that allows you to introduce yourself through a main headline and a space that lets others know about you.  You will also have a second space to let others know what you are looking for in a relationship.  This will be combined with letting others know your location, your body type and general lifestyle information.  You will also be able to include a picture to attract the attention you want.  This will move into another section of Amateurmatch, which will include 'sexual stuff', so that others will know what you have done and what you are willing to do sexually.  This includes everything from sexual fantasies to bedroom activities, toys and other thoughts you have about sex.

If you want to be more specific about your preferences, than you can move into the settings section in order to move into direct areas for the site.  This will include basic account and e-mail settings to receive notifications and to keep things set up the way you want.  This will also include theme settings which will allow you to move to a direct area for your interests.  This will range from Amateur Matches to gay and lesbian links as well as ethnic settings that will allow you to immediately start a specific search.

Getting Into the Fantasy

After you have your basic profile set up exactly the way that you want it, then you can move into searching for partners.  A basic search will include who you are searching for, ages, where they are located and the ability to see who is online.  You can also move into advanced options for more details.  If you want to search visually first, than you can look into the Amateurmatch member galleries that will show individuals who have their best looks available, combined with ratings from other members.

After you find others that you are interested in, you will have three main options for contacting them. The first is to send them an e-mail that lets them know that you noticed their profile and that you are interested.  The second is to add them as a buddy.  Once they approve this you can begin to hit it off through the site.  The third option, which is available to other members who are online, is to send them an instant message and to open up a private conversation.

If you are ready to go a step further, than you will have the option to move into a chat room or to join a video chat.  With this, you will be introduced to several areas that you can begin to talk to others in, including ones that are based around cam2cam discussions and video flirting.  There is also the option to begin mobile chatting with others that you are interested in.  If you want to look into this another way, than you can also consider the live cam option, which will allow you to watch others that are striking up sexual activities.

Beyond this, are specifics that the AmateurMatch has added in for a complete turn on. This includes games that are available with a combination of enjoying electronics with a twist of xxx.  You can also connect to P*rn Tube, an online area that allows you to have free access to p*rn films while you are looking for your own fun.   This is done with an extra free membership that is available.  In order to completely access most of these areas, without limits, you will need to not only be a free member, but will also want to upgrade to being a premium member.  This will give you the ability for unlimited options, as well as the ability to move into the shared galleries and extra information.  This will also give you the ability to access instant messenger in order to contact others.

If you are looking for some wild fun and for real sex, than you can do it through  This adult sex dating site will link you into one of the largest portals for finding others who are looking for complete access to wild fun.