Our Rating: 2/5 - Naughty Local Personals

Apparently we live in 1908, because most of the guys I still meet online today are prudes who aren’t nearly as adventurous as their personal ads make them seem. I’ve used dozens of adult dating sites to hook up with guys, but the response has been dismal at best. You have the sites that promise the ‘very best of hardcore hookups,’ but you walk away with a 5 minute IM chat about getting rough, and they’re gone. It seems like a lot of guys on XXX dating websites are there to get off on someone talking dirty to them over the computer, then you never hear from them again.

Naughty Local Personalities was a nice change from that. I met a lot of men who were actually looking to get together and connect, not just interested in jerking off while I explain what I want to do over the internet.

I find that a lot of sexually based dating sites are targeted towards men—You always find that the featured profiles are all of women, and that there are more options for guys to explore than there are for women, but on this site that problem didn’t come across to me. I found a bunch of guys to talk to in the first few days and it progressed pretty quickly. I have ‘unique’ tastes when it comes to what I like in the bedroom and had a really hard time finding anything that fulfilled my fantasies prior to Naughty Local Personals. I ended up hooking up with a three guys in the first month and while they were willing to do what I was looking for, it would have been nice if that number was a bit higher.

The site is set up well. It was easy for me to find what I was looking for, and I didn’t have to fill out too much when I first signed up, which was great because having to fill out the sections where you tell people about yourself is torturous.

And there were a lot of bonuses on this site that I didn’t find anywhere else. Usually adult dating sites only have the option to send e-mail-like messages back and forth, but on this one you can IM and video chat with other users of the site, which is great because when you’re not seeing who you’re talking to on sex websites, you really can get anyone.

Having said that, there were a few things I wasn’t exactly too thrilled about. They don’t make it mandatory to upload a user profile picture (which I think should be required), and there is no blocking system, so if you want to prevent someone from contacting you, you have no means to do so, you kind of just have to ignore their messages.

Overall I’d say it’s a good site. Like I said, I didn’t really hook up with anyone else from other sites, and I actually got laid through this one. I’ve been using it for a while and I can see myself using it for a few more hookups.