Our Rating: 3/5 - Adult Swinger Dating Service

If you are ready to get out of a traditional relationship and into something that has more variety, then you can start by joining a swingers dating community that agrees with your viewpoint.  At, you will have the capacity of reaching out to other like minded individuals who are looking to swap in their own relationship.  Knowing what is included on this adult swinger dating site will invite you into a new territory of exploring relationships that offer more than an exclusive encounter.

Adding In More Than One

When you sign up for, you will be asked to provide details about who you are and what you are looking for in the profile area.  The basic questions that will let you into the site include your demographic area, your physical appearance and lifestyle questions.  This will also include information about the swinger options you want to include while you are looking.  For instance, you can add in your experience with swinging, whether you are a couple and information on your mate.  You can also add in options for private chat areas, such as your instant messenger information.

After you have put these basic sets of information into place, you will be able to move into the details on the site.  This includes spaces that can be put into your own words and that includes information on describing yourself, what you and your mate like and dis-like sexually, your fantasies, what types of people you want to meet and intimate information that will attract others to you.  This will follow with a space to include pictures and movies.

Grouping Up

Once the basics are filled in, you have the option of adding in even more to begin your swinging experience.  You will want to start interacting with others on the site through several different preferences.  The main way to find others is through a general search that will introduce you to couples and singles that are on the site.  These are divided by search options that show you who is on at the same time you are, who is new to the site and what new photos and videos are available.  You can also search through finding someone who is in the same area as you or by others who are seeking a specific swap.

Once you are introduced to the preferences on this dating site, you will be given options for contact.  This shows you who the person is interested in, whether they are on the site, where they are and if they have access to private chat lines, such as instant messenger.  You can contact them through the IM areas, as well as by sending them an e-mail.  You can also keep them in mind for later by adding notes about them or adding them to your friends list.

There is not only the ability to group up with others through this main search area, but also through the extras that make the swing lifestyle more community oriented.  For instance, there is an area where you can become a part of groups that are interested in specific aspects of the swinger lifestyle.  This provides you with more interactive options that may fit what you are looking for better.  There is also the option to look into swingers in your area that can invite you to parties, swinger events, clubs and areas to travel to.

If you want to get in touch with the main site tools before making direct contact, than you can also look into extras on the site.  This includes things such as erotic stories and jokes that can help you to tune into the swinger culture.  You can also access the “sexperts” to get more sexual information about the lifestyle.  This is combined with live sex cams, elite HDTV for adult and voyeur cams.  All of these provide you with a complete picture of what is included in the swinger lifestyle.

Interacting completely with this swingers dating service not only includes introducing yourself, but also becoming a member of the site.  You will be able to gain access to everything on the site for three days for free.  After this time, you will be asked to become a member.  The two types of membership options are the standard or gold memberships.  The standard will give you the main access for interaction with others while the gold will add in the extra parts of the community that will allow you to enjoy even more of the lifestyle.

If you are ready for a change in your relationship and affairs, you don't have to completely change partners.  Instead, you can become a part of the swapping lifestyle.  Joining the community of will provide you with alternatives to change your relationships and to begin building a network with other couples who want to make some changes in intimacy.