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Unleashing Your Wild Side

If you are interested in creating wild and erotic adventures, you can miss dinner and drinks and get to the action through  This adult dating service provides you with an easy way to meet men, women and couples that are looking for an erotic lifestyle and that want to live out fantasies.  If you are ready to unleash your sexual fantasies into a wild adventure, this is the site to start with. Wild Features

After you fill out the major forms to get you into the area you want to be in, you will be able to begin browsing through hundreds of adult singles that are looking for the same things that you are.  All of the areas are specialized by gender preferences, giving members the ability to tap into their interests and through adding in sexual specific ideas that fit best for the fantasy.

After you begin to get the basics down, you can start to find the things that best peak your interests.  This begins with putting your best features to the front, including things such as adding pictures, videos and specifics on your attributes, from your kinky attributes to your sexual preferences.  You can also mark in things such as favorite sexual positions, sexual fantasies, fetishes, sex toys, sex acts and things you would be willing to try once.

If you want to know a little more, than you can start connecting not only through your sex profile, but also through the extras.  For instance, you can look into a sexoscope in order to see how your horoscope fits with others who have the same sex preferences.  You can also look into an S.O.S. Alert if you are trying to find someone to instantly hook up with online.  A third feature is the 'shout out', which will let the men and women know that you are looking and will allow you to grab onto more options for getting in to your wild side.

Beyond the extra features that will allow you to tap in are also those that you can use to get rid of the parts of your wild fantasy that you don't want to include. All of the ads that are on the site are monitored, and are not just to arouse those on the other side of the computer.  This is done through a sheriff's office that has been put into place for those that are browsing.  If you suspect that someone has created a false profile or is trying to solicit their profile to get paid for sex, then they will move into an investigation for possible removal from the site. - Extra Wild

Once you have your profile set up and start browsing, you can begin to connect through different clicks.  With every profile that you are interested in, you will have the option of e-mailing the person, hitting on them or adding them to your hot list.  If they respond, you can enter into a chat area or can get in touch through video.  However, with the browsing and chatting that is available, provides an extra twist.

For every person you e-mail, chat with and for everything that you set up on your profile, you will get points that are available.  For women, these are pink points, and for men these are blue points.  The more points you receive, the better chances you have at extras.  You can win things such as cash prizes or will have the ability to be entered into sweepstakes in order to win something a little extra.  Not only can you have fun with each browse, but can benefit in more than one way from every click you make.

For an extra, you can also tune into the online area known as “Wild Times.”  This is an online magazine that can give you extra information on sex, fetishes, polls and sex positions of the month.  This will allow you to connect with others in a different way and will provide you with the ability to think of different angles with the sex that you are enjoying.

If you are ready to get wild, you can easily start through  This adult dating site offers you a variety of options to connect to others who have the same types of wild fantasies and who want to connect with sexual interests.  If you are ready to unleash your sexual side, starting on will allow you to enjoy even more of your sexual expressions.