Our Rating: 3/5 XXX Sex Dating Site

The biggest downfall of almost all XXX Dating sites is that they try to stick you in a box of what you’re looking for, and only show you those profiles. Like when you first sign up and they ask what you’re looking for, you get to choose one box. You’re looking for a guy OR a girl OR a threesome OR other swingers. Once you choose one of those options, they show you profiles only of your choice. Well what if I want to look for a guy and a girl? There’s no option for that, it’s always one or the other with dating sites.

I found that with XXX Sex Dating you get to look for what you want, because they let you click on whatever you want. If you want to look for a threesome and a singular guy, you can. You can expand your search to include whatever you want, which is something that a lot of other sites didn’t do for me.

Another thing I don’t like about adult dating sites which I didn’t find with XXX Sex Dating is that they always have something else they’re pushing on you. As soon as you sign up for their dating site, they want you to know that they own a bar that they want you to go to or they sponsor a drink that you should try or whatever. Once you get past the registration process it all gets really spammy, but I haven’t had that problem with this site. Every time I’ve logged in I’ve got to spend my time on the site talking to people I actually want to connect with instead of spending my time exiting out of pop-up ads.

I had a little problem with creepy guys sending me messages that crossed the line, but I guess that’s what you have to expect in a XXX Sex Dating site. It wasn’t overwhelming and most of the messages I got were from normal guys, but ever few weeks I’d get an out-there IM from someone sending me a picture that I would have really rather not seen.

I’ve found that with this site a lot of your success comes with timing, too. I didn’t really get many responses early in the weekdays, but once Wednesday hit it seemed like everyone was looking for their weekend hookup, so you’d have tones of people messaging you back. You’d have to time your conversations around that timeline—I guess people aren’t looking to hook up if they can’t do it on a weekend?

Out of the adult dating sites I’ve used before, is up there with the ones I liked the best. The site didn’t push you towards certain users, there were great sections on the site to explore so you weren’t just blindly searching for people. It was a good balance between the site being helpful and them letting you do your own thing. I’m not expecting to find my soul mate on there, but I was only looking for a quick hookup in the first place, which was exactly what I found.